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   Oppose the Governors proposed cuts to community mental health services and the behavioral health services initiative (BHSI)

   Please do not eliminate the community safety net for our most vulnerable populations, including those living with mental illness

   Help people with mental illness stay in the community and out of emergency rooms, state hospitals & prisons or from living on the street

   Individuals reintegrated into the community from state hospitals and prisons rely on community mental health services

   Support funding for community mental health services, which help people stay in the community and avoid more costly treatment settings

   Without community mental health programs, people who rely on these services and support systems might end up in emergency rooms, county jails, state prisons, inpatient treatment programs or state mental hospitals

   Community mental health services support individuals who were discharged due to the closing and downsizing of state hospitals

   Community mental health services support prison diversion programs that help keep individuals with mental illness out of expensive prison systems and into more cost-effective treatment programs

   The proposed budget cuts jeopardize the lives of those who rely on community mental health services.

   Due to flexibility in the block grant, community mental health services could be cut above and beyond what is in the governors budget

   The existing line item funding ensures that services will be available in the community to support individuals discharged from state hospital system

   Families need community services to help them keep their family member in the home

   Community mental health services support school-based programs for at-risk children

   Community mental health services help keep people with serious mental illness off the street




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